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UV-vis Spectroscopy Solutions from Shimadzu

Shimadzu offers a range of UV‐Vis spectroscopy solutions from standard dual beam systems to the world's first UV-Vis-NIR spectrophotometer with three detectors.


A new standard for UV/Vis spectroscopy

  • Dual beam optic system including patented LOW‐RAY‐LIGHTM diffraction grating
  • Lowest stray light for extended linearity range (up to 4 Abs.)
  • High resolution of 1 nm
  • Ultra‐Fast scan function: 29,000 nm/min
  • 6 measurement modes
  • Integrated instrument validation functions
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  • Single Monochromator UV‐2600 capable of near-infrared measurements (up to 1400 nm)
  • Double Monochromator UV‐2700 performance with a minimum 8 Abs photometric range
  • High performance, variable bandwidth instruments
  • Exceptional performance inside an incredibly small footprint
  • With a wealth of accessories to accommodate every application

UV-3600 Plus

The world's first UV‐VIS-NIR spectrophotometer with three detectors, UV‐3600 Plus ensures high sensitivity across the entire measured wavelength range, and gives a noise level of 0.00003 Abs at 1500 nm

  • High Resolution, Ultra‐Low Stray‐Light, and Wide Wavelength Range
  • Wide range of optional accessories, including three detector integrating spheres, accommodating a wealth of applications
  • High‐sensitivity measurement of solid samples
  • Wavelength range from Ultraviolet to Near‐Infared
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LabSolutions UV‐Vis Software: enhanced possibilities

The simple design enables first‐time users to perform operations with confidence

  • Analysis report can be generated in only one click
  • Spectra evaluation function for efficient quality control operations
  • Automatic setting of optimal parameter for peak detection

Optional LabSolutions DB/CS software is compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11


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