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Research advantages of MALDI‐TOF
and Q‐TOF LC/MS combined

Co-Solvent Injection

The parallel use of MALDI‐TOF and Q‐TOF LC/MS analyses provide a powerful combination for your MS sample analysis.

Advantages include a wider analytical space, improved dynamic range and enhanced sample depth. You gain a choice of ionization techniques, without the need to change set ups.


At Shimadzu, we are offering our newly‐launched LCMS‐9030 instrument with patented QTOF technology, in combination with MALDI‐8020 ‐ our smallest and newest MALDI‐TOF machine, in a joint package offer, but be quick it's for a limited time.

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Offer Benefits

  • Cost: Make your funding go further with MALDI‐8020 and LCMS‐9030 joint package
  • Enhanced Mass Spec capabilities: Significantly enhance your lab's MS output with two‐industry‐leading instruments, for the comparable price of a single machine
  • Improved quantitative and qualitative analysis: Gain key advantages in the breadth and quality of your analysis using MALDI and Q‐TOF LC/MS Technology

Advance your research with MALDI/LCMS combined, at a great price today

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