Monitoring London's drug habits by analysing raw sewage

An expert in forensic science and analytical toxicology Dr Barron has led the Chemical Hazards research group at KCL since 2009. The group's recent work has included wastewater‐based epidemiological studies involving the analysis of target residues in London's sewage in order to assess community‐scale activities, such as the capital's cocaine and MDMA consumption habits.

Leon Barron Lab Video

How the Shimadzu LCMS-8060 helps provide near real-time analysis of the use of illicit drugs and other contaminants

Dr Leon Barron, Senior Lecturer in Forensic Science at King's College London, explained:

"For the first time, we were able to develop a direct injection LC‐MS method to determine 166 acidic, basic and neutral organic compounds in filtered wastewater... [and] still achieve very good quantitative reproducibility on our measurements".


"It has really underpinned and advanced our research progress, primarily through its speed and sensitivity. We can develop very, very fast gradient methods for large numbers of compounds, and we can still achieve very good quantitative reproducibility on our measurements, with well over 20 data points per peak."

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